The Activate! Agency

The Activate! Agency is a Sydney based consultancy with specialist skills in the establishment and development of sustainable businesses across hospitality, retail and the creative and entertainment sectors.

Our work provides clients with strategic business guidance within the conception, development, planning, approval and establishment of their businesses.

From business planning, modelling through to local authority planning controls and licensing, The Activate! Agency is the number one choice.

Do not hesitate to contact us to find out more and discuss your idea or project.

Let’s entertain the possibilities of tomorrow.

Our Story

The team at The Activate! Agency have been involved in the establishment of more than 130 businesses across Sydney in the last 7 years. We have also been the experts in implementation of The Finegrain ‘interactions’ across the city.

We have owned successful businesses in the music industry (UK), in retail and marketing in Sydney, as well as owning and mentoring businesses of the year on several occasions.

Our Philosophy

Keep it simple do it well.

We believe an understanding of the best strategic approach for a business is to understand and strike the correct balance between what you want and what the business is trying to achieve.

We only believe in achieving the best outcomes, which takes an understanding of the business, the tools available to achieve this outcome and the market that the business is trying to operate in.

We want to tell your story in a clear concise manner that everyone can relate to


The staff at the agency have a significant record of achievement  for existing business and start ups in many sectors. We have the runs on the board.

Staff at The Activate! Agency have finance and corporate experience, Small Business experience, including many start ups, both self owned and more than 100 for clients, policy writing and program implementation at Local Government level as well as advisory to NSW State Government Departments, policy and legislative advisors to consultants to South Australian State Govt and policy advice to Perth WA council. We are also THE experts in The Finegrain

Since the change in the NSW licensing laws in 2008 The Activate! Agency has been involved with advice around process, business planning, mentoring and licensing laws in close to 90% of all the new small bars that have been established within the City of Sydney area.

This includes advice and mentoring to The Pocket Group and Grasshopper Bar who have subsequently both won the City of Sydney Small Business Award for Small Bar of the year.

In the music industry, Staff at The Activate! Agency set up, owned and ran a UK record label that produced two UK Mercury Music Prize award winners, giving them unique, frontline insight to this dynamic sector of industry.

In retail, staff at The Activate! Agency established a beauty salon that won retailer of the year in Sydney, being noted within the award as the first salon in Sydney where all natural, non-animal tested, chemical free products were used. This seems natural now, but more than 10 years ago, no one in Sydney had understood, or appreciated the demand in this market sector.