A burger as remixed by Chur Surry Hills

A burger as remixed by Chur Surry Hills

48 Riley St Surry Hills NSW 2010

Mon 11:30AM – 5pm

Tues – Sat 11:30AM – 10PM

Sunday Closed

by The Active Agent

22 February 2014

The Active Agent never identifies themselves and always pays their way!

There are many burgers claiming to be Sydney’s best and many arguments as to why it even matters; did all that fine dining come to this?

Well it matters because to many people burgers matter and to just as many, if not more, the rather exclusive Sydney Fine Dining Scene was way beyond both our wallets and didn’t really capture what we wanted to eat.

Food is our fuel, eat as much as you need, or as little, when you want and it’s important that it’s affordable to all.

Chur-Burger matters, as it, maybe accidently touches on a number of those hot topics.

Overpriced food, not available when people want it. That has always been Sydney’s hidden by-line.

Remember those theories, spun for many years as facts that many business owners have told you.

There is no demand for coffee after 4pm; there is no demand for food at 3pm. Urban myths and legends spun as facts.

Why so much context?

Well Chur-Burger makes great burgers. That’s it, said it, out loud, you heard us, its that simple.

It’s been awarded by many as being the best.

I do not know if that’s true as I haven’t tried them all. But it’s certainly one of my favourites. It’s also just a $10 burger. You can eat in, in a well-designed room, with cool customers and at 3pm on a Saturday afternoon in a quiet Surry Hills street, it’s packed.

The space is on a bright Riley Street corner heavily influenced by hipster Small Bar culture, but makes perfect sense. They have fish and chicken as well as beef versions of the burgers and also have sweet potato fries that sit alongside the standards. It also has a specials board, allows you double meet on your burger, and/or bacon with a range of sides or snacks.

I had the standard with bacon added and fries and our guest had a chicken burger.

Both looked superb (‘Feed the eyes’), the bun is amongst the best I’ve ever had with a burger, it tastes fresh, it just tastes!

At The Activate! Agency, our business mantra has always been ‘Keep it Simple, do it Well’… Chur-Burger could’ve been a graduate.

This business also brings a great little activation, which alongside Reuben Hills and The Absinthe Salon is starting to turn Riley Street into a rather funky little enclave, exclusive only by ideas and design, not by price, I hasten to add.

I don’t know if it can solve the after 4pm coffee concerns of the many, but if you want a great burger, with great fries, in a great room, that allows an option for people that do want to eat out at 3pm, then quite simply check it out.

It’s just missing onion rings and if they did them I think they would be the best!

The Space                            Casual and cool, small bar and street influences          8

The Experience                  Excellent, really cruisy vibe.                                                9

Generations of families sitting alongside Surry Hills Hipsters

Value for money – Food              Nothing to say excellent                                           9


Total                                                                                                                                        26/30

The verdict

Well we look for different things when we go out for a burger. But I’d recommend Chur, no question and I’ll go back for sure.

Whats not to like!