The Activate! Agency


Whatever boutique, unique, interesting or innovative business you may run, the insight of The Activate! Agency can bring a new perspective and understanding to what may be a new, unique or age old problem.

Health Check

If you’ve been trading a week, a month, a year. If you’re tracking at expectation, or below, even above, sometimes you just need another experienced voice that can understand you, your business and the outcomes you are trying to achieve.

Like you, from time to time, your business may just need a check up to ensure all is well and there is nothing hidden in the shadows of your business or outside influences such as market trends or the social or political environment that may impact on your direction.


Online, offline, word of mouth, tweeting, blogging, whatever your idea, there are now numerous ways of bringing customer awareness to your business.

But it’s not just about what you do, but how you do it. Know how to target who you want.

Having been involved in some of the most successful music industry campaigns through to some of the most successful new businesses in Sydney, the team at The Activate! Agency can offer interesting and innovative angles to achieve outcomes for your business.

We can also offer advice on concept, branding and customisation, whatever you may know, or think you need we can access an outcome.