The Activate! Agency

Whatever your opportunity or the unique challenge in retail it may present. The Activate! Agency can advise.


The Activate! Agency is aligned with fashion retail trends globally and can advise on business plans and models for specialised retail online or real world.

This knowledge can also be applied as a third eye to your business. You may not be sure and just need an independent advisor on location of your business as well as further advice on how to take your designs and designers to market.


Location and marketing of a destination space such as a gallery is a critical factor in developing a successful start up in this sector.

The Activate! Agency’s knowledge and understanding of the hidden spaces of cities, those opportunities that exist within the built fabric for destination places such as Galleries can be a pivotal moment in the decision making for the business.

Pop Ups

Pop Ups, Meanwhile Spaces, In-between, however you may wish to view these spaces, they offer a unique opportunity for aspiring businesses to test who and what they are.

These spaces may or may not require planning approvals, these spaces may or may not be understood by their owners for the short-term potential opportunities they present to the market. The Activate! Agency has the knowledge, experience and understanding to maximise the idea into the opportunity of the space.